Tutoring works!

This year has been the first time I have tried weekly tutoring with kids in addition to teaching classes of young children.

Why is tutoring so rewarding?

  • I can build a strong cooperative relationship with the child.
  • Our time together is a respite – a quiet time in a supportive environment.
  • I can target the work to meet exactly what the child needs – whether it is blending sounds for an early reader or understanding the relationship between fractions and percentages – using hands-on materials wherever possible.
  • As the child develops proficiency at his/her work, his/her confidence grows.
  • With greater confidence, we can venture into new areas of learning.
  • Every once in a while, I take a minute and show the child the things that he/she can do well – too many people have usually told the child what he/she does not do well…
  • Don’t tell the older kids, but the younger ones get some time to choose what they want to do in the classroom…making it more interesting.
  • So far, the children and I are enjoying ourselves…and both of us are learning…which is why tutoring is becoming my main line of work.

Teri Courchene



About Teri Courchene

Instructor at U of T School of Continuing Studies, Math tutor. Education: CSC, MEd (OISE), AMI Montessori Diploma (FME), MA Economics (Queen's), BA Economics (UWO)
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